Mobile Welder, Welding and Fabrication Services Tel: 01753 206200
Unit 5 Manor Farm, Poyle Road, Poyle, SL3 0BL
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Areas covered
commercial vehicle conversions and Tipper cages
On site and mobile welding
Plant and farm
Airside vehicle support services
Mot failure welding
Aluminium and stainless steel welding and fabrication
Structural fabrication, Beams, Rsj's
Aluminium and stainless steel welding and fabrication

We carry out specialist welding and fabrication to aluminium and stainless steel.

Examples of work we have carried out include brewery pipework (purge welded), stainless steel race exhaust modifications, boat handrails and aluminium motorbike frames and components.

We make bespoke stainless steel furniture to our or your design. 

Call us on 07912 101353 to discuss your requirements.  

Brewery pipework:

Bespoke six place setting dining table with a polished stainless steel base and polished granite top:


Alloy wheels
We fully refurbish alloy wheels from £60.00 per wheel (standard silver)

We can weld most cracks and repair rim damage. We are able to weld most types of alloy wheel, however for safety reasons we assess all damage (free of charge) before any welding repairs are carried out. Wheels may be posted to us but please contact us first on 01753 206200.

Alloy gearboxes and alu casings

We can weld broken lugs and cracks in alloy casings.

Alloy heads

We have carried out repairs to vintage motorcycle cylinder heads. Contact us on01753 206200
 for an assessment and quote.


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