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Unit 5 Manor Farm, Poyle Road, Poyle, SL3 0BL
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Areas covered
commercial vehicle conversions and Tipper cages
On site and mobile welding
Plant and farm
Airside vehicle support services
Mot failure welding
Aluminium and stainless steel welding and fabrication
Structural fabrication, Beams, Rsj's
Structural fabrication, Beams, Rsj's

We supply and fabricate steelwork for extensions, loft conversions and new builds both on and off site as well as for larger contracts.

Our workshop is set up for high output of larger beams and steelwork, with our specialist fabricators and welders that are able to properly read drawings you can be sure our steels will fit first time every time.

we can offer a full Steelwork package of drawings, structural calculation, fabrication drawings and fabricated steel delivered to site. 

We supply RSJs, UNIVERSAL BEAMS and COLUMNS in all sizes cut or fabricated to your requirements and keep a large stock at our site. 

Call us on 07912 101353 to discuss your requirements. 


Structural steelwork

Fabricated steelwork to support brickwork for curved wall:

Cranked beams:

Steel framed and clad buildings 


Call us on 01753 206200 to discuss your requirements. 

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